Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pizza Night!

 My husband and I have always enjoyed pizza, I mean who doesn't? However; when you cannot eat gluten enjoying pizza can be a bit tricky. You can make your own and one of my favorite pizza's to make is portabella mushroom pizzas, so yummy! (stayed tuned for recipe) There are some great places like Flatbreads that offer a gluten free pizza dough, and it delicious! Although I do enjoy getting pizza out and making my own, part of my love for pizza is when I do not feel like cooking I love to indulge in some frozen, throw it in the oven pizza!  But what is a girl to do when she does not eat gluten? Easy, your local grocery store has a bunch of options! One of my favorites is Amy's Organics and I just found out they make one of my favorites gluten free! Very exciting news! Hope to find it in stores soon.

Another favorite mine is from the Better Bread Company which is a company from Maine! My husband was at a health food store when they were having gluten free pizza taste tasting! (can't believe I wasn't there!) He said that their pizza was by far the best he had tasted, so he brought one home and my dinner plans for the night were passed onto the next night.  We cooked the pizza and DAMN it was good! The crust was delicious! My favorite is their roasted garlic and artichoke pizza!

So the next time you have a craving for pizza don't fret! There are lots of options available!

What is your favorite pizza topping? Honestly I cannot choose just one, I like it all!

Peace, Love and Pizza!


  1. Tomato slices and feta make a great pizza topping. Also, chicken tender pieces with spinach.

    I love pizza with really garlicky crust.

  2. Andrea the garlicky crust sounds delicious, I may have to create a gluten free garlic crust! I've been inspired, thanks! PS I am also now very hungry! :-)

  3. I love Amy's pizza! I always have one stowed away for those I-don't-wanna days

  4. I've never tried Amy's pizza, but her products are usually very good. I think my favorite topping is artichokes. Or sun dried tomatoes. No, artichokes. Hmm.

  5. Amy's is def. perfect for I don't wanna days!

    @ Christine, you will have to try Amy's pizza! They are delicious...I agree with your pizza topping choices as well :-)