Monday, April 25, 2011

The Dangers of Lacking some D

I finally went and got my blood work done! 4 vials later! I thought she was going to take it all when I saw all the bottles, luckily I was just being dramatic and it was fine.  However; the results were completely unexpected.  Everything was fine except for one thing, I am extremely deficient in Vitamin D.  HUH? I was so confused.  I got a letter saying how my labs were great but the vitamin D deficiency was in need of immediate care and I was given a prescription for 50,000 iu's for 8 weeks! Holy cow! I guess I am deficient! Even my 91 year old grandmother was less deficient than me and she is never outside!  I never expected this!  I spend time outside all the time, less time in the winter but still never expected to be this deficient.  I thought it couldn't be right! So I did my research and sure enough I display one major sign, infertility!  WHOA! looks like gluten and IBS aren't my only enemies here.  Vitamin D listen up it is time to replenish baby!  It is so interesting finding this information out, because since going gluten free and changing some other aspects of my diet I have had tons of energy! With a such a deficiency a lack in energy is a big symptom.  Although, I can pinpoint times during my cycle when energy hits rock bottom no matter how I am eating so this makes since now.  First gluten blows my mind now Vitamin D.  I am hoping with the warmer months approaching and with the mega dosage the doctor put me on, that things will level out for me.  I Really hope! Vitamin D deficiency is so dangerous because not only can it cause infertility but it can cause, osteoporosis (calcium needs magnesium and vitamin D in order to be absorbed), autoimmune disease, and even some cancers! YIKES!  I found some very informative articles that I thought I would share;

Again, I am amazed at this deficiency and all it causes.  I thought that getting out in the sunshine everyday was enough, apparently not.  Hopefully with my current dietary changes as well as the vitamin D boost I will continue on the road to better health and fertility.  The body works in mysterious ways and again I love my mid wife for getting me tested for this, if the other doctor had her way I would be under going IVF right now, which is so not for me at this time.  This might not be the cure all but it for sure looks like it is a step in the right direction!

soaking in some D
Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked recently?

Peace, Love and Vitamin D,


  1. OMG I am deficient too!!!!!! I better get some stat! Nurse or Comic?

  2. SO good to know! I know I do not get enough Vitamin D and have been telling myself I need to get on that I know infertility is a symptom, I'm taking them pronto!

  3. Crystal I am so glad you found the information useful! I was shocked, between the gluten and vitamin D I had everything stacked up against me. It is amazing the amount of people that do have deficiencies!